Could there possibly be any project more challenging? We will let you judge.

A major top 5 developer wanted to extensively renovate and refurbish 5, 4 storey residential blocks in Weymouth, maintaining 100% occupancy, all completed in 12 months. Our challenge was how do we add value and reduce the risk. We opted for a Turnkey approach. Taking on the role of Principle Designer and Contractor to ensure we had a coordinated approach to safe delivery. Team member selection proved key, we took skilled construction professionals and key members of the supply chain and developed their stakeholder management skills, so they could interface positively with the residents and local community, no matter what the challenge. The blocks and dwellings were all very similar, so baselining our approach and working collaboratively with the supply chain to drive continuous improvement wherever possible providing delivery efficiencies and mitigating time and cost risk.

We are now working with the client on the next challenge.

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