Project7 ‘s capable in-house IT team have developed our new website. Anyone who remembers the old website would agree that it was starting to look un-loved and so with 2017 upon us we all felt it was important to create the right image for Project7 and start fresh.

At first we did consider using an agency to create something new, but our own IT team came forward and showed us that they had the skills and experience to develop a website to the quality we expected.

“Who knows Project7 best or has the passion and drive? An outside agency or us?” Tiernan.

Tiernan who graduated from Sligo IT with a BSc. in Computing with a focus on Web Technologies, has been head of IT since 2014. His knowledge of IT systems has been invaluable to the team but he has also gone beyond IT and supported Project7 with his problem solving skills in other areas.

Project7 have a focus on people and giving our employees recognition for their aptitude feeds nicely into our sustainability objectives.

“We are very fortunate to have such talented people working with us and felt it was important to give them the opportunity to showcase these talents.” Alan Brockhouse. 

I think you will agree that the new website now reflects our passion for quality. Well done to all involved!